I turned 22 three years ago (feeling a little bit old now). My life has changed so much since I was 18. Today I wanna share with you “10 things you’d love to experience before 22!” 

  1. Be on top students: Actually, I am not a hard-working student, especially my first three semesters. Scanning my scores, and you will see many ups and downs times. But I make it once to be on top in my class in the sixth semester. I was so proud of myself for making that far (even it’s already late)! My recommendation is you can study at your pace. Though some people are told you that score is not important, it isn’t correct for all the cases. Score is even more essential if you are looking forwards to studying your master degree or securing your place at top companies or persuing in scholarships. Anyway, I highly recommend you maintain your score at a healthy grade (around 2.8/4.0). There are still many more to discover if you are not 100% into studying.
  2. Read as many books as you can: From the ones based on your subjects to novels, self-improvement books, fiction, non-fiction, and so on, all are worth to spend your time. Books are humankind’s knowledge storage. Reading them helps you explore the whole world, connect the past to the present, and flow to the future. You can be a princess or prince in Andersen’s stories, a Sherlock Holmes, etc. When I started working, I was more on reading professional related books and articles. However, I am now reading in various topics to extend my horizons. Books give you in-depth knowledge. The more you read, the more you explore about yourself and different amazing things around you. 
  3. Travel alone: Ya! Before 22 is the best time to test your limitation, your open mind, and your endurance. Traveling alone to Cambodia and The southern regions of Vietnam in summer of year three gave me the answer. It’s scary sometimes, only lonely for a while since I met friends along the way, and always expects the unexpected. It’s a nice thing to try, but make sure you’re ready for all the unplanned experiences to await. 
  4. Travel with your friends: It’s a must thing to do. What’s better when you have a group of friends to share laughs and stories. Enjoy the entire journey with besties could bring you to nine cloud stage. You can share food, share the taxi fare, and discover all the stuff together. And whenever you need a solo photo, always having a person there to take it for you! 
  5. Earn money by yourself: The earlier you earn money by yourself, the more you understand the value of it. During four years at university, I always tried to find ways to have money, such as being a volunteer for an international badminton tour, marathon at my city, being an interpreter, camp counselor, tutor, marketer, and translator. Of course, besides money, you’re able to find simple happiness when making money yourself.
  6. Participate in an organization: I joined AIESEC in my first year. Working for an international organization is the best way to build my connection with students from various majors and from all over Vietnam, then around the world. I learned so much about my ability, skills, and career path, which I didn’t have the privilege to know earlier. 
  7. Learn a language: It’s kinda cliche, but never too late to learn a new language! Trust me. After being confident with my English, I began to learn Japanese and Chinese. Switching from learning Roman characters to hieroglyphics was also a big step for me. Playing languages makes me more creative and train my cognitive ability. Which one do you prefer?
  8. Start your hobby seriously: Being a student, you have much free time, start your hobby at this moment will nurture your skill and help you find joy. I like plenty of stuff, including singing, writing, and blogging. Singing gives me a lot of fun time. Writing and blogging are associated with one another to become one of my biggest hobbies. I have written on various platforms from social media to blog. 
  9. Join an international conference: I’ve joined many conferences some times. On these occasions, I have met young and talented people from all over ASEAN, explored new topics, and learned from one another, and many more. You don’t wanna miss this!
  10. Take an internship: For me, I waited until my fourth year to land my first internship, but start your internship as long soon as you can. While your university gives you more theoretical base, embarking on getting your first professional related jobs are super important. You can see how the gap between studying and working and the skills you wanna grow further.  The network gained from your early internship will pay the way to your better career later.

Yup, these 10 things are taken from my own experience, so what’s your?

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10 things you’d love to experience before 22!