People who know me will have seen how much I have changed since graduating from University. The transformation has been inside out. Appearance – yes! But the significant change is in my learning and having specific goals towards learning. This year I sat down to share what I have learned in 2021 and my learning goals for upcoming 2022. I believe that knowledge and learning are the most fabulous jewelry that girls must “wear”.

Disclaimer. My sharing will suit for those who are in the role requires Business-related roles in Technology companies, especially Mobile Marketing Companies. These people have encountered technology and mobile-related knowledge while not directly working in technical roles.

A. 2021 learnings Recap

I. Technical skills

I.1 Artificial Intelligence

The course entails a comprehensive understanding of Artificial Intelligence. Before joining this class, I obtained a fundamental knowledge of AI, but I didn’t comprehend what applications of AI and how modeling meant. This hand-on training course was what I found as my missing piece for years, which gave me a holistic learning experience. This course aims to bridge the AI gender gap, and thus its focus is on women only. You can find the detailed link at

I.2 Python

I choose Python to learn to challenge myself as I always feel that coding and developing aren’t something for me. Where to start? I was fortunate to find the course Python for Data Analysis & Digital Marketing from one of my friends, who has a strong command in both digital marketing and tech role. But you can always start small with reading material related to Python or learning online courses. 

I.3 SQL (Structured Query Language)

I got the learning from researching myself & at work. It has given me both theoretical understanding & hands-on experience on applications of SQL. I highly recommend courses & materials for you to obtain a strong command understanding of SQL.

II. App Marketing Stack

My recommended courses are for those who want to gain a fundamental understanding of mobile marketing (Application) and bring home certifications. These courses will fasten your learning progress in the long run. They are from world-renowned companies and leaders in Mobile Marketing, and thus you do not need to worry about their quality or applications in reality.

For those who concern whether I share these classes without learning or reviewing, you can check my Linkedin Certificates and Job updates.

III. Non-tech/ads related

III.1 Language/Writing

  • English: For some reason, I am never satisfied with my English and always find room to improve it. Hence, I take the [writing course], whose goals aim to sharpen your analytical writing and critical thinking skills. It will be most relevant for those who wish to strengthen your academic writing or deal with multiple essays. For me, I like leverage my writing and connect with other like-minded people.
  • Chinese: For Chinese, I have another post Three Sources Can Leverage Your Mandarin To Inter-Level which I believe that you can find some good material to accompany your life-long learning Mandarin. Try to use the language as much as you can ;). There isn’t a shortcut to speak like a master without taking a small step.
  • Thai: I am an absolute beginner but I have hope in this language with the ever cutest accent. Though I am Thailand, but mainly use English or Vietnamese for work. So my approach is listening as much as possible now. Either at the hoop class or 7Eleven, I try to listen the local and respond them with my limited Thai.

III.2 Exercise & Well-being

  • Yoga: I wanna leverage my yoga in the higher level, and thus I have register for a yoga trainer course.
  • The Hoop & dancing (I joined only for a short time): I have explored these new things and I am glad that I did. I have had so much fun (plus worthy pains).
  • How to eat: it’s my food for thought for this part. As I do not restrict my food, I keep some simple rules to maintain my weight. Less Sugar – Less Salt – Prefer warm water – Eating before 8pm.
2021 learning and 2022 goals
My learning focuses

What’s next for 2022?

*** Technical & Technology-related part: Being at AppsFlyer means that you have to learn day in day out. So I do try my best to obtain as much as knowledge as possible. The targeted parts will be iOS14/15, Android 12, Fraud, AppsFlyer’s Products, Privacy Cloud. Open parts will be Blockchain Technology and NFT.

** Investment: One part that I haven’t gained much understanding and experience will be investment. So will surely wanna learn more regarding this topic.

** Languages: My goals are continuing to concentrate to Chinese & Thai. For Chinese, my goal is to obtain HSK 5 within before August next year. Why? ‘cuz year end will be so distracted haha and I want to be discipline regarding obtaining my Chinese. About Thai, I like to pick up the basic communication 😀 My simple goal is surviving in Thailand without using my English skill.

** Exercise & Well-being: I will focus on Online Yoga Trainer in Q1, while practicing Hoop and dancing. As I have always doing individual sports/exercising activities, my goal is trying something new by learning a team sport.

Well, looking back 2021 – I could not be happier with how much I have progressed. The compounding effort that I make for my learning and practice my brain muscle will be paid off. All I need is to be patient and consistent. Do you have any recommendations or materials for next year learning goals? For those who are interested in blogging, check out Blogging like a Rockstar! A complete guide to build Blog. I wish you all the best for whatever learnings that you pick up to rock 2022 game to the next level 😉

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