1. You work towards your passions, your love, and everything.
    2. Self-control is important. Well, in an awkward situation of having an interview for a Game Company years ago and I was given a question that “Do you play a game?” and my answer was sad No because if I spent time playing games, I lost the idea of time. Well, it’s a nice excuse, however, the world did not operate that way. You cannot blame things that make you losing time. It must be you who are less self-control and do not follow the right set of rules at the beginning.
    3. When you feel right, your smile doesn’t lie. Every time you see the kids smile, you instantly smile like them. However, the more we grow, the less authentic our smiles are. Sometimes, you smile because of the etiquette, because of showing excellent customer service, because of social situations, and so on. But when you are really in a state of happiness, your smile will be the best make-up ever, believe me. How to describe it well, when everything falls to the right place, your smile wouldn’t lie.
    4. When you get mature, your living standard will be raised. For example, when you are students, you can travel with a limited budget by staying at a small homestay or shared beds. Now if you have a chance for a trip, you will be deserved for a luxury resort. The more you work, the better living condition you are well-deserved. Just go for it
    5. The only limit is you. I recalled the first application for the student exchange program years ago. At the time, I said to myself a lot of things such as “you are not ready for it”, “you are not coming from high reputation university, no one will choose you”. Well, I failed most of the time, they didn’t choose you for many reasons (countless times). But it’s okay. We only learn, or only win. I strongly believe that. If we try, the success rate would be higher than 0%, right?
    6. If you wanna solve things out, you find the solutions by all means. If you want to stay away from the issues, you find the reasons. No further explanation haha.
    7. You’re a one-of-a-kind gift in this universe. It sounds cliche but till the time I was 23 (after taking my surgery to adjust my eyelids). Before that, I got bothered with other thoughts on my appearance “You was kinda chubby”, “You need to adjust your nose, your lips, your eyes”, “You should eat less to be thinner”. I was insecure. I didn’t have a choice to put which features on my faces or be in any shapes. It was unfair, I thought. It was hard to learn how to appreciate yourself  little by little each day. The modern world put a “so-called” standard for beauty with a straight nose, big eyes with clear eyelids, and much more. It’s okay to be more beautiful each day but not by all means and all the approaches.
    8. Investing in learning would never be a waste. Thanks to my parents & my aunts, who have worked so hard to give me the best learning opportunities. When I was struggling in my early 20s, they were my sponsors to most of my exchange programs. Actually, without their financial support, my life wouldn’t be the same.
    9. It would be more fun if you expect less. I dreamed about a fancy birthday party that my friend prepared for me, I hoped that the interviewer would call me to inform my success for the final round, I was long for a prince taking me from the single life lol. All the expectations are there. But after years, I realize that it would be better if I focus on the moment rather than expecting things to happen in the future. If it comes, it will.
    10. Just let it go. The thing shall pass. I was working while being nostalgic about the last retreats. My mind seems not to take a rest at all cuz it wanna stay in the best moment or make changes in the past. Well, just let it go all good and bad memories.
    11. Yoga suits me most. I was so lazy years ago. Except for the physical sessions at schools, you wouldn’t see me do exercise elsewhere. I gradually picked up yoga since I stayed in HCMC. It has been nearly four years (on & off) with yoga. It is not only the practice that makes me excited but the learning & philosophy help me realize how this would be the path I wanna follow in the long run. I really wanna become a yoga coach soon.
    12. I have a hate-love relationship with social media. But for the most part, I like it.
    13. I am not a materialistic person. I am more prone to experience and learning.
    14. Learning a language requires much practice, not a thing in the textbook.
    15. People come to your life at the right time. If they go, it may be the right time also. I would always be blessed for all the people who come and go to my life and become a part of it. I have learned a lot from them. Much appreciation.
    16. Aging brings more fun than expected. I do aware that I am getting older (physically), but I am so happy.
    17. Being positive is a power. I should use that power in the right way.
    18. I try leaning on uncertainty. It’s when I am learning the most.
    19. True friends are hard to find but they are gold & diamonds.
    20. Book is one of my best friends now.
    21. People do not care about you as much as you think. We are all busy with our work and life is going on. 
    22. Good food makes you feel good. Treat yourself to good food, especially when you get sick or tired. 
    23. There are no right or wrong choices. Like the time you choose one option, you won’t know how the others go.
    24. There are no years best ‘cuz all years are the best. 
    25. All good and bad things come with their reasons. Enjoy as they are coming!

Just that, I couldn’t be happier to welcome the latter half of my 20s. I was stumbling and fall, I was on cloud9, and many things thing to say about early 20 😀 Now I’ll keep it here and move onwards.

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Stay strong & fabulous 😀

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