What matters the most in your life is how you view yourself, and how you perceive each event as an obstacle or opportunity. Since having read many tips, experienced me in a productive environment, here are some key learning points to a fruitful 2017.

  1. Be willing to change: Change is the only constant thing today. By changing, I mean to spend enough time for forming new habits, be discipline is crucial as well. Taking your attempt for at least 21 days before judging the results.
  2. Focus like a lazer: Concentration is the term you embrace in your mind. Many books published to talk about the power of focus on working, it gives you a source of energy, mindfulness to work through your obstacles. But how to be more focused? My principle is as simple as ABC, one work at a time – set the time limit – listen to music – foresee the obstacle while working. As similarly as you are what you think, time costs as much as your time-set.
  3. Be less social: I use Facebook ‘n’ Instagram, and I know a lot of my friends use around 5 to 8 social apps at a time. More importantly, I used to put my eyes hours on Facebook for no good reasons, look around, check my friends’ status, those activities consumed most of my time. Later all, I reviewed my performance, it’s suck. My productivity was underperforming. Checking Facebook, social media could be considered as neither importance nor urgency. Then I just cut the time using social media, set the time maybe 10-15′ a day at a certain time around 11 AM and 10 PM.
  4. Don’t try to fit in, live at your self-pace: When traveling last summer and less checking my social media, I realized that I was no need exhaustively chasing the sun. A lot of articles show you success stories of talented people waking up at 5 AM, sleeping around 10 PM, starting their journey as soon as possible each day. It is undeniable that those habits are good, however, from the moment born, we are unique, one of a kind individuals. Some of my friends work productively after the sun sets, how’s about you? Review yourself, when, and where you can enable all your spectrum and be mindful of your work? 
  5. Avoid overthinking, then less overwhelming: I find myself full of energy today then lack working capacity tomorrow, just because of overwhelming resulted by overthinking. “Your dream doesn’t unless you do” or “The secret of success is just working your dream” are common quotes. I usually remind myself whenever to seem full of thoughts and don’t know how to start my journey. Our lives are much happier whenever we choose to think less, do more.

How’s about yours ideas to live a more happy-go-lucky life?

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