About Trinh 

Trinh is currently working as a Publisher Growth, Senior Manager at AnyMind Group, currently based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She would love to grow her career path in Marketing Technology field, with her strong business-mindset and proven records in Digital Marketing. Her interests are related to innovation, marketing and tech-advertising.

Connect to for relevant opportunities at linkedin.com/in/thai-tien-trinh/ or email at [email protected]

During the time of studying at University of Economics, she actively participated in various start-up programs, namely Danang Startup Runway and Startup Weekend. She has had many international experience representing her country in ASEAN conferences, such as AYIEP 2016, the ASEAN Foundation and Entrepreneurship Training in Ireland. Hence, along with her professional path, she has a big love for youth development. She would love to support young people to reach their goals.

Reach her at [email protected].

About trinhthai.com 

As Trinh has grown as an avid reader and writer, trinhthai.com will be her one-stop for all of the sharing and ideas. Moreover, you can book the services which suit you via services, Trinh loves working with new people to bring more values for her customers and friends.

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Ping her anytime here and there, she would love to know you all in a more interesting way!

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