In June last year, I finished buying the domain to build my blog I had my name on the cloud. It felt like home. It may be associated with the fact that I changed my living place over a specific timeline, and thus whenever people ask me where I come from. I was confused. Now I have mine, and I want to tell them my home is In this article, I will share some guidances for you to own your blog and grow them sustainably.

Content (MBMS)

0. Motivation: Knowing why you start blogging or your project?

1. BuildLink

2. MonetizeLink

3. ScaleLink

I. Starting from writing to know your core topics for your blog

When I started blogging, I was in Uni. I wrote about multiple topics, such as language (how to learn English, Mandarin), Eco-living lifestyle, how to hack my Uni life, even Thailand.

Producing the Content as Content is the core of your blog. Design & technical parts are crucial, but they should come after what you want to write. Consistently writing about a specific topic challenges your motivation, your knowledge and consistency to a higher level.

Here are some rules of thumbs that you can bear in mind:

  • Write whatever are intrigued you
  • Do a freestyle writing can help too
  • Notice what you are linger on & recognize the signals of your interests
  • Try different setting of writing
  • Try to master some styles of writing
  • Choose maximum 3 main topics for your blog 

II. How to build your blog (technical side)

Thinking of building a blog/website is similar to building a house. So what are the main components of the house?

Platforms and tools for blogging

The most visible part is content – all verbal and visual components (images and videos inserted). Let’s take the house as a comparison. The content must be the people living in the house and what happens. But where is the content hosted? Yes, the structure/the house itself to contain the content/everything in the house – or Content Management System (CMS). We need a foundation to carry the house and people inside – Which refers to the server. Wait, the house needs its name (or domain). Let assign a name for the house. I took because I want it personal and associated with me. But you can choose whichever you want as long as no one has taken it. Otherwise, you have to find that person and purchase.

III. How to earn some money from your blog?

  1. Why should you think of making money?

After the inspirational and practical part, welcome to the fun part! 😉 Anyone here loves money? I bet we do! Same some biz models and ideas to keep your blog growing sustainably.

  • Maintaining your blog as building your blog will not only cost you time and effort of money for server, domain name, theme, outsourcing (if any)
  • Money earned gives you some sources of inspiration to keep writing consistently

There are many approaches to earn money from your blog.

But here are the facts you should bear in mind. You don’t earn much from blogging, especially for the first six months to 1 year of building. The money that you have, you can invest later in your blog. It may not you rich, but it supports you to maintain your blog, invest in your blog, & add more value to your readers.

2. Which monetization Model suits your blog?

Some approaches to earn money from blogging

IV. How to maintain your blog with the least amount of efforts?

Some approaches to maintain your blog with the least amount of efforts

Bonus Part

My approach will be appropriate for those who want to take blogging as a hobby. The ideas of doing thing and improving it better keep me writing and sharing.

I suffered a lot from my limits in both the English and Technical sides. I also left my first blog in the middle of nowhere (with many grammatical points uncheck). When I look back, it’s full of hesitation, doubts, insecurities, and inconsistency. I have to say I learned a lot but in an uneasy way. But if I have to choose again, I will always choose a blog and even start earlier.

You do not need to go through the same process to own your personal or professional dream blog. Right now, if there are three topics in mind that you would like to put in your blog, note them down. Think about the content that you gravitate towards writing.Then, once you have it, you can go back to the sheet that I put here (with all the checklist and tools) and start showing the world your first article.

There are other parts that I haven’t addressed, such as how to promote/marketing, or analyze the data and research the topics. So if you want to have more information about it, reach out to me as well. We can even hop on the call after work or at the weekend.

Guck luck & I wish you all the best for your blog journey.

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