As many of you know that beside my love for Marketing Tech, my heart is also long for blogging. It has taken me years to have a proper blog like right now. A lot of work need to be done. No fancies at all.

Before we start, let’s play a game! Have you ever?
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1. Have you ever wanted to build a blog?
2. Have you ever built a blog and stopped at some point?
3. Have you ever prompted to build a blog again?

If either of those answers are Yes! Then you are at the right place.

Here is my story. My starting point of writing a blog was genuinely simple. I wasn’t a native English speaker, and thus I wanted to advance my English writing skills. Focus on writing a blog in English would be great. But why blogging? You may wonder. Because if I want to write in English, I can write anywhere, on my computer, notebook, or diary. Well, I wanted to be heard, share my experience with others, connect with like-minded people, and so forth.

My starting points of writing blog
My starting points of writing blog

Yes, what have driven me in blogging is improving my English written capability and Connecting with others. 

But throughout the years, blogging have brought some many things to my life.

I. Understanding about myself

Well, writing a post or an article is not an easy task. However, writing a depth series will require hours of knowing what drives you and makes you wake up every morning. I used to write about various topics like culture, English, environment, being, etc. But after 1-2 posts, I got tired of writing them, and I realized that it did not ignite me much. So now, I attentively focus on marketing Tech, Language, and a healthy living lifestyle. It takes years to know. But once I find it, worth it. It does not exaggerate that Writing a blog regarding specific topics shows how much you care about it.

As my blog has evolved, I also want to find the mission and vision for my blog. What is the tone or the voice that I want to keep as my blog spirit? Whether I want to write short and more SEO-driven articles or I want to do something else. It was when I found the narrative of writing my blog. I do not hustle to share my articles every week. All I want is to be genuine, educational, and learn some for my audience. It takes more time to produce those content, but the level of rewarding is insane.

I use the funnel metaphor for a filter. At the beginning of blogging, I have so many ideas and topics to write about, but over time, I narrow down to keep what matters most.

II. Connecting with people

Yes, to the next level, I believe. I have connections with people from various backgrounds all over the world.

The support is insanely enormous. I have got a constant booster from people, connect with old friends, and so on. I have also learned from people who are working in building content as well. In a loop of writing -> gaining feedbacks & learnings -> writing. Connecting with the audience to know what they have learned or what they felt about my articles. All sorts of authentic connections drive me to write further and keep improving the content & UX on my blog.

III. Technical and Content-based skills

Personal Branding: The more you write about something, the more you create a brand image about yourself. It helps me a lot in finding new opportunities, prospects, and so on. People trust me with my credibility with my in-depth knowledge regarding a specific topic. My knowledge and experience have built me grounded and kept evolving. In my case, some of the clients also find me through my blog.

Content building: I consider each article very seriously. For each type of content, I have formed different approaches and frameworks to build it. I was quite a freestyle at first. I want to improve my work and write more structured, and thus I keep learning to improve my final articles. It doesn’t happen over a night.

Technical aspects: How to build a blog, analyze the data, and so forth. I acquire those skills and knowledge over time quite effortlessly. Truth is technical part is what I was the most as my background in Biz. But I got support from my mentor in a previous company who is tech-savvy to help me. I also try to solve things out myself too by researching & learning from GG.

What I have earned from blogging
What I have earned from blogging

Knowing why you want to start something plays an integral role. Enduring a demanding full time job while catering my project has not been an easy job. However, understanding why I am doing what I am doing has been probably the reason that I stay strong in the journey and keep working on my blogging journey.

So, why do you want to start blogging or having your side-project outside of work?

If you are interested in writing blog and do not know where to start, check out my part 2 of Blogging like a Rockstar! Building your blog 101.

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