Digital Career Coach

Looking back, I have always felt so frustrated about my preparation for my career. I was clueless on where I should embark on, figured what I was good at and enjoyed, and on what the future jobs looked like. Now, I am working on the road that I am mostly passionate about, but I knew that I could reach there sooner and smarter. At the same time, though we have more tools and various support than ever for job seekers, I could see that fresh graduates have many troubles as I once encountered. They are capable but lacking needed guidance and mentoring.

Hence, over the last three years, I have helped many people get their desired jobs by

  • helping them defining their passion and abilities match with the job;
  • growing their abilities (such as English motivationer), sharing my experience and connecting them with people have the prior experience that they are looking for;
  • supporting them during the selection rounds including having their most well-prepared CV, cover letters and interviews;
  • and connecting them with HR and companies to expand their opportunities to get their jobs sooner.

Though I accidentally worked on this side job, this journey has filled with so much joys. With my growing passion and experience, I would like to make a bigger impact by launching this Digital Career Coach officially.

Package 1: Free – One time CV review

Package 2: $45 (USD) – All the above services in 1 month duration (with maximum 5 applications for different jobs)

Package 3: $79 (USD) – All the above services in 2 months duration (with maximum 7 applications for different jobs)

The Package is also flexible based on our agreement. Feel free to let me know your thoughts!

Registration Form (Updating soon)

For now, you can reach to me at [email protected]/


  • What shall be included in the service?

For CV supporting (one time), it would free.

If you use paid package, all the services from helping your CV, cover letters, mock interviews and sharing your CV with other employers are provided. The different lies on the numbers of applications you can share with me.

  • What does everyone usually ask you about? 

All kind of questions related to CV, cover letters, mock interviews and so forth. All your concerns shall be addressed ranging from benefits, salary proposals and so on.

  • What’s kinda jobs which you are comfortable the most to consult people?

People normally come to me for Marketing Technology related roles, Digital Marketers, Business Analyst, Digital Marketing Consultant and so forth.

  • When will my registration form or messages get answered?

Within 24 hours during the weekday, and up to 48 hours during the weekend.

  • Can I get my service fee back if I am not satisfied with the provided service?

Yes, I am working with people to increase the chance of getting jobs for them. If it doesn’t make you satisfy at any point, you can have your money back at any time. The money I charge is based on student budget as I am more happy to help people. At the end of the day, both sides must enjoy with the journey and the results.

For more questions before having the service? Just let me know via [email protected] or