English Motivation-er

One question once stuck me as to why people have struggled a lot to learn English, especially when we have so many tools and approaches now. As a person who started with a shortage of English to people who can use English more comfortably, I realized that we reach the English level as we want if we find the right way for us. Also, my strengths are having strong business mindset accompanied with Marketing Technology, and thus my English sharing would support you to grow in career aspects in the long run.

In my approach, I focus on listening to the learner and find the aspect to inspire them to learn English effortlessly while achieving higher results than they used to do.

What I shall do with my mentee through 8 – 15 sessions

  • 1st Expectation exploration, Goal Settings and English schedule for the next seven sessions
  • Practice from the next sessions scheduled (flexible based on the level & study pace of the learner)

Price would be based on negotiation. No worries if you have any troubles related to financial issues as we can find the most optimal payment and scheme for you.

Reach me at [email protected] or facebook.com/tientrinh.thai.9/