We often hear about well-known people who can have multi-jobs. She or he can be a singer then later all turns out to be an actress, and she or he may become a TV show host at some points. Those stories are quite familiar right now since there is an increasingly massive number of people who tend to define themselves in a variety of professions. They, however, still account for a small amount in total more than 7 billion on our planet.

Because you, and I’d better choose to pursuit one life-long career, we have a saying like that Jack of all trades and master of none. We’ve been taught it for our entire life. Our family, our society nurture our thoughts that we should fix ourselves in one profession. If that, I found myself fit “out”, not “in”, which means I am still struggling with realizing what is my true calling, what is my true passion. Nothing causes me a feeling of anxiety or boost my dedication to the end. Luckily for me, my background and my experience cultivate me to discover different fields. Hence, I may have some equitable knowledge and skills in plenty of kind of work. Whenever I am given alternative ideas, offered new tasks, or delivered an inspiring speech, I tend to belong to that one. My curiosity varies from international relations, cultural management to sustainable environment, and so on. When I get involved in those topics, I am passionate and devoted at first. But then I hit the highest point, and my enthusiasm gradually left later or sooner.

It must be something wrong since my interests shifted and converted me one to another passion. How is my future supposed to be in the next ten years? Do I have enough commitment to work in the future? I seem to get lost in my thoughts and just let things happen.

And… Here is the good news.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Today, one inspiring speaker-Emile Wapnick Talk gives me a clear sense of “true calling”. She started by sharing her own story about her defining her journey. What if we do not know what we wanna be since we are interested in countless things. Nothing’s wrong with us. It’s just a gift. “Because we are “multipotentialite” who have may interests and creative pursuits. They can also be called polymath or The Renaissance persons.” said Emile.

One more good news is we are currently holding three superpowers:

1. Idea synthetic: From your collective mix and your experience you can create new intersection leading to “Innovation”. I ran successfully my campaign called “THUÊ MÀU ĐI” three years ago. It will never turn into reality if the beginning I permanently chased one distinguishing field. With my sufficient knowledge in Marketing and Design, my English skill, my experience in vocational orientation, and my “braveness”, I come up with customized services. Or you’d better off finding another “multipotentialite” light up one or more alternatives instead of using other ideas!

2. Rapid learning: You go hard for what you want, and you need to study new things at faster speed since then we have to work on that. And another thing is when we are interested in something we are always hungry for more. I adopted this lesson when I was just a kid. If I found things interesting, I could spend the whole day learning, listening, and practicing each day.

3. Adaptability: This is the most crucial skill for the 21st century. What I found out, especially in the scenario of Vietnam, the exposure of young people to cultural diversity, the understanding of disparity among different countries, the updated to alternative technology considers as a weakness. While we need to adapt fast to a variety of unexpected changes these days.

One fun-fact of our world is you’re never alone at any thoughts or feelings. There are several people just like you. It’s why we may find ourselves sometimes in a best-seller book, a latest album or Rihanna or a sharing. I believe we are what we are aiming to, either being a specialist, a multipotentialite, or mixed-type.


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[Why some of us don’t have one true calling | Emilie Wapnick | TED Talks]

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