Today, one candidate asked me a very last question about my long-term interest in my career. I was touched. This question reminded me a lot from where I was standing a couple years ago.

When I first moved to Ho Chi Minh city, I was lost actually. I wasn’t happy of my first job though my team was supportive. I felt uncertain more than ever. On top of that, my parents were not happy when I moved further away from them. (I did it little by little since I was a kid but I was and will always be a little girl to them, I guessed). So no way I moved back in just four months without proving them that I was capable enough of taking care of my own life.

I, however, considered myself as a very lucky person. I got a huge support from my friends wholeheartedly through thick and thin. They gave me good advices, suggested me to try new things and even entertained me when I was so disappointed about who I was. Through one of my good friends @Sunny Van Nguyen I got referred for my work at AdAsia.

It has been a splendid journey with colleagues, publishers and partners here. It has created anther whole system to grow me further to where I am standing now. As I embark on knowing about myself, my passion, my strengths and my improving points.

Today, I am simply happy for what I have been given!

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Happy reading my friends.

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