How I deal with Objection


Today while sharing the session “Objection Handling” with my new member, memories, when I got objection, were recalled.

I remembered years ago when I was not elected as the President of AIESEC (international youth-run organization Then later all, the elected President did not choose me for the Vice President position, which led to my final decision of leaving the organization after sticking with it for two years.

It was hard.

When others told me it was OK, I did not hear a word. I cried a lot on the way back home on that day. When my sister asked how I felt, I said that it was fine, but I did not sleep the whole night. I felt like I broke up with someone. After many tired and doubting days, I eventually came up with a revenge plan (how silly & brilliant at the same time).

But the thing is, after all those years, I have learned how early failure and objection grow me, especially when I am taking the role of Business Development & Account Management now. From running away or having a revenge strategy, “objection” becomes my friend. I am humbled to see where my shortages are, how I can approach the situation and address my clients’ problems better next time, and how I manage my mind and my feeling.

How’s about you? How do you treat the objection?

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