I don’t need to look good for anyone, but myself.

Here’s the story.

I didn’t use to care about my appearance even when I was in high school and university.
In high school, what should was studying, through and through. Though now I don’t remember much what I studied at that time. At university, what I cared about the most was changing the world and impacts I could make on human beings. It’s true! I got inspired by AIESEC as how it has supported thousands of youths. Though I left the organization quite early (after two years of working there), the ideas of creating a magnet of positive impacts have always hunted me in everything I have done later all.

However, I have been struggling to find which aspects I want to be dedicated to and committed to pursuing my lifelong dream. Hence, I applied, failed, applied, failed, and luckily accepted for some conferences and youth events. Through those activities and much reflection, I gradually embarked on what matters more. I realized how much I would love to support youth to make the most of their teenage and early twenties to find out who they are and what they can see further in their potentials.

Just that, I didn’t care much about myself, even it’s super important. Adult life, however, hit me hard. I was shocked when surrounded me are beautiful, knowledgeable, and experienced people. I was dawn at first, but then knew where I should go. Most people know that I took a surgery to adjust my eyelids, and had a hard recovering progress (but soon I realize the guys with small eyelids looking super duper sexy 😂). I even spent 5-6 days/week at the yoga class to get my shape (I’m too lazy now but going to be back to the battlefield soon). I have changed my style from head to toes (but I didn’t change anything inside my head, so it’s OK, I’m still Màu Màu 🥳).

Every time I meet my friends, they say I look more fabulous and sexier (no way friends, I’m just cute.) But I did everything for myself. I treasure all my efforts, the support from my friends and family, and my willingness to take every single change counted.

I guess everyone should be grateful for who you are and where you put your heart and mind into 😘

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