It’s about more than 5 years done since I started my blog. I’m fully aware that many flaws in my articles, regarding grammar, vocabulary, comprehensiveness, and so forth. At the beginning of my relearning English, I only focused on listening skills and improved my pronunciation. Later all, I worked on my reading skill, as well as my speaking skill. It’s time to dig deep into my writing skill. Last night, my dream was about commencing on “creative writing”, encouraging everyone to write for themselves. Writing by somehow and in some ways has changed my perspectives in life. So what does writing mean to me?

  1. Writing is learning: I have learned things with a deeper understanding and more curiosity shown thanks to writing. I’ve done many types of research for my posts. All of them have to contain either rich knowledge or educational-information. During that journey filled with joys, I’m about to enrich my knowledge as well.
  2. Writing is remembering: Most of my memories are well-recovered while writing. Some thoughts, some memories were faded away for a long time that I even forgot them. Writing, however, has taught me that our brain weighs much bigger than what we can imagine.
  3. Writing is living:  Just like breathing out and in, writing at the moment plays an indispensable role in my life, cannot separate now. I can write everywhere, and every time I want to jot the words down, I know my feelings just there. I am more comfortable writing than I used to. As said, how small you start doesn’t matter, you have to start in all ways. I always remind myself of “Think big, start small”.
  4. Writing is loving: Expressing my gratitude!!! By sending a little message to people I do appreciate, I feel better after all. My learning journey and experience do not fulfill without the end-notes to people. For the last year and a half, I have had a great privilege to meet people around the world. At the same time, it’s an unluckiness while I cannot turn back the clock and meet them all. I miss them so badly, loving by writing could be good medicine for me.
  5. Writing is listening: By writing, I could meet my inner voice, which is hard to find in daily basics. I could be able to listen and speak my inner voice, my own words. I know it’s me, but not someone else in this world speaks my true language.
  6. Writing is healing: As an ordinary person, I’ve made countless mistakes. Then I wrote the situation why I made those faults, why I chose wrong directions, why I hurt someone’s feelings. By writing, I accepted the truth and forgave myself for making “stupid” mistakes. Keep moving on!

By all means, writing can be meant tons of things to you. To me, however, these simple facts are enough to keep non-stop writing, enhance my writing skill.

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Let me know if you have a cool writing project or simply need my proofread, and so on. I would love to be a part of your writing journey!